Friday, June 25, 2010


We should be in our new house by now, but everyone keeps telling me "Soon". Well "Soon"I'm going to lose my ever-loving mind if things don't start to happen.

My mind has been whirling with what colors I want to paint where and I know on top of moving all our household stuff, I have to move my whole business first, before making my new house mine. That part kind of sucks donkey balls. My ADD can only handle so much.

I feel bad for the kids having to put up with the house all a mess right now and Mama acting like a crazy, hopefully it doesn't last long and they forget about it in the future.

I decided today that I want cream on white in my kitchen. Who knows how many times I will change my mind from now until then.

Night seems to be the only time I get anything done lately that is just "me" stuff, last night I went outside because it was nice and the sky had me coming back in to grab my camera. Here are a couple shots of the moon. I was trying some longer exposures, clearly I need more practice.



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